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Your marriage license is valid for use across Washington State, but not outside the state. Can I marry with an out-of-state marriage license? You must get married in State of Washington with a Washington State marriage license. Application What do I have to fill out?

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The gender-neutral marriage license application will ask you to fill out the following under oath: Self-designation Bride, groom, spouse Name Birth name If different Residential address No PO Box Prior residential address Within the past six months Gender Age Birthdate Birthplace State or foreign country Occupation Marital status Single, divorced, widowed Social security number For child support enforcement Must sign a declaration if you have none Are you under a guardian's control If so, complete affidavit of guardianship Father's name Father's birthplace State or foreign country Mother's full maiden name Mother's birthplace State or foreign country Is the marriage application universal?

How do I get a blank application in advance? State law requires the county auditor to mail you a blank application if asked. How long is the application process, in and out? It takes 30 minutes or fewer to process your application.

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Attendance What if I can't apply in person? Age Requirements How old must I be to get married? Aged 18 and over? If you're at least 18 years old, you may get married without parental consent. Aged 17? Aged 16 and under? If you're 16 years old or younger, you must get approval to marry from a superior court judge. What are the rules for underage marriage? Who grants consent? Either parent may grant consent.

The parent does not need custody. What if I'm emancipated? If you're 17 years old and emancipated, bring proof to skip the parental consent rule. How do I get a consent form? You may pick up a blank parental consent form at your county auditor's office. Which superior court do I petition? Do I have to bring my parent when applying?

Have the consent form notarized if your parent or guardian will not attend. Waiting Period When will I get my marriage license? Your marriage license will be issued immediately. How soon can I use my marriage license?

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Can I get the three-day waiting period waived? There is no provision in state law to waive the forced three-day waiting period. Expiration How long will my marriage license last? Your marriage license will expire 60 days after the three-day waiting period.

What if I lose or damage my marriage license? Identification Do I have to show ID? Do I have to show my birth certificate? If you're below the age of 18, bring a certified copy of your birth certificate. Do I have to show my social security card? You do not have to show your social security card, but you must supply the number. Blood Test Do I have to get a blood test?

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  4. Divorced Do I have to prove that I'm divorced? You do not have to bring your divorce record.

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    How soon can I get married after divorce? You may get married the same day a court decrees your divorce final.

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    Widowed Do I have to prove that I'm widowed? You do not have to bring your late spouse's death certificate. How soon can I get married after being widowed? Premium Public Records Search. Do not click this. Find Public Records Now! Jurisdiction: Ordinances, Traffic This is where records are kept, court is held in another building. Index online from JIS-Link; see www. All case files are in Ephrata. Phone numbes are for the court in Ephrata.

    We respect your privacy. Part of being in compliance with state marriage laws include getting a license in order to make the marriage legal. Although this is required in all 50 states, the specifics vary regarding the prerequisites before the license is issued. Additionally, each state also has basic requirements regarding the minimum ages, consent, and capacity necessary to obtain a license for marriage.

    Below you will find state-by-state links to marriage license requirements and related information. There are many legal considerations that can arise when you decide to get married. Property, tax, and other rights can be impacted by your decision.